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Providing real experiences

to every young lawyer


We believe that no matter how inexperienced one may be, every single individual has the capability to provide significant input.

You are a legally trained individual and we will treat your opinions with the respect it warrants.


We believe in the individual's decision to determine the best learning process for themselves. 

We complement your decision by providing mentorship and advice to the autonomy you will have.

legal work

We believe in providing challenging but meaningful work to each individual who chooses to work with us. 

You will have the opportunity to work on actual case files with our legal team.

legal advice

We believe that the provision of legal advice to clients is a skill that requires time and opportunity to develop.  

We will grant you that opportunity if you are willing to do the preparation that comes with such a responsibility. 


We strongly believe in cultivating the professional development of our interns and practice trainees, providing a supportive environment for interns and practice trainees to learn and yet contribute meaningfully.Each practice trainee will be given the opportunity for direct involvement and exposure in current matters.


While paper qualifications are important, we do not believe that they highlight the essence of one's character and attitude. We are always on the look out for the talented, the determined, the passionate and the diligent.


If you possess these qualities and are interested in joining us please send us your professional resume to and tell us about yourself as a person.

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